“If you’re not dead keep trying”

A former personal training client of mine named Elise Hoffman who I used to train while I lived in DC would always tell me this whenever I would share sour news. She was probably 5 foot 1 and weighed about 98lbs and was one of most powerful and positive people that I’ve ever met. A chronic optimist and power player in the DC circles of

prominent trail-blazing business woman.

“If you’re not dead keep trying”

First time Elise said that to me almost instantly my entire demeanor changed from some bitter, pissed off, discouraged person into someone with a laser-like focus on accomplishing anything in his path, full of gratitude and an optimist outlook. “If you’re not dead keep trying,” That’s all she said to me, 6 words! and they changed my life in a matter of seconds.

I repeat those 6 words daily when I’m out for a long painful 10mile run, marketing for my personal training business, having a tough argument with my significant other, or experiencing some catastrophic event. If I’m not dead all I could do is continue to try, try and try until I get my desired result.

“If you’re not dead keep trying”

HANG IN THERE and keep chipping away those pounds, stay motivated and focused on your health and fitness goals. It’s tough, and the journey does take some grit. But I promise you, if you continue trying, if you continue to put in the physical work, if you continue to make small life style changes, if you continue enriching your life by consuming more whole plant foods, while having a good support system and holding yourself accountable, you will get there. I can promise you that.

If you are feeling discouraged…. “you’re not dead keep trying”

Not feeling confident anymore…………. “you’re not dead keep trying”

feeling like you want to give up… ……………….”you’re not dead keep trying”

you haven’t lost much weight in a few weeks…it’s okay… “you’re not dead keep trying”

Keep working, keep fight, keep moving forward!

Have a terrific week!

By: John Pierre B.S, CSCS, CPT


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