Are your choices helping or hurting you!

Self preservation is important to most people but do people really care about the state of their physical health? Generally, you would think most people see their health as a priority, but I’m afraid the statistics say otherwise

and don’t support that claim.

Take a look:
• Nearly 70% of people in the U.S. are either overweight or obese and that number is rising.
• More than 30% of the country is clinically obese, this number is rising also.
• The US has the lowest life expectancy out of all 17 developed nations in this world.
• Physical Inactivity is becoming a major health crises and accounts for hundreds of deaths per year.
• Health care spending…I won’t even bother…you get the point.
Diabetes, some cancers, obesity, drug abuse, sedentarism, heart disease, etc… All of these things have one thing in common; they are all CHOICES! Lifestyle choices that are made every hour of the day. We have the power to either move closer to better health and wellness or move closer to the grim reaper.
The two things that we have 100% control over every day is what we put into our mouths, the foods we eat and how much we move every day, the amount of physical activity and exercise we do.
The quality of your blood work, aerobic capacity, physical strength, energy level, stamina, the body image you see in the mirror every morning, and ultimately your life expectancy are all a direct result of the choices you’ve made prior to today. If you do not like the reality of any of the aforementioned components, then your choices need to change.
Make the Decision to move more, purchase a gym membership, hire a personal trainer if you lack accountability and motivation. Refine your grocery list and remove the crap, stop listening to the little demons from Colonel Sanders, and order a salad! Burn all of that man made junk food and eat more whole foods. Load your plate with fruits and veggies. Alcohol, drugs, smoking–Come on get rid of this crap people, they only do more harm and make your health worse.
If you want to create a better physical reality, make better health choices. Make a promise to yourself today and pick one thing you can change in your life that will improve your health tomorrow!


By: John Pierre B.S, CSCS, CPT


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